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Freelance Profiles

Saeid Halvaeian

Founder of Houston Freelance Creatives

Founder of the Freelance Creatives, Saeid Halvaeian, also utilizes his time as a full-time freelance graphic designer. Until 2013, graphic design was just a side hustle but then decided to quit his job and diverge himself into the freelance world. He now assists with local small businesses and startups with their graphic design needs.

Rebekah Flores


Rebekah Flores, #akayourfavmom, is a full-time freelance photographer and mom. Being a mother inspired her to jump into freelancing because no 9 to 5 job could keep her away from her precious son, Jonas. With her photography, Rebekah strives to capture the emotions that make us feel oh so glad to be alive. When memories become faint, her photography will take you back to those small moments and feels that phase in your life.

Colton Trout

Change Management Coach

With over 10 years in the entrepreneurial world, Colton Trout works as a change management coach to help individuals or teams achieve their dreams and success on a faster time table. Taking in and sharing his knowledge, he has created a program with the purpose of getting entrepreneurs to double their businesses in 90-180 days!

Rachel Dickerson

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess owner, Rachel Dickerson, helps people take back important parts of their lives by using her organization and merchandising skills to bring order and peace to homes and businesses across Houston. Throughout the process of consulting, purging and organizing, Rachel gives each client individual attention as they work together to achieve their goals for a clutter-free space.

Alexa Dolmo

beauty & lifestyle blogger

Alexa Dolmo aka Alexa Darling is a lifestyle and beauty blogger with an aspiration to share her personal stories. Using her social media platforms, she connects with people to inspire them through art, whether that be through photography or beauty related content.

George Chuang

Producer / director

George Chuang takes on Houston as a local freelance producer, director, and founder of Vessele Creative Agency. With a team of different contractors/freelancers from around the city, they work together to story tell and create video productions.

Carolina Arenas

Founder of meraki wayuu

Carolina Arenas is not your average stay-at-home mom. With experience in the non-profit world, she decided to mix her passion for social work and entrepreneurship by sharing her Colombian customs with others. 

Kimberly Kerby

Co-founder of haylengrace designs

One-half of a creative best friend and mom duo, Kimberly Kerby handcrafts locally in Houston with her partner bold acrylic earrings for women.

Taycha Lino

The Beauty Fetish

Based in Houston and NYC, Taycha Lino can enhance your looks with her incredible makeup and hair styling skills. 

Jamie OGorman

Founder of GingerSnap Photocamper

Inspired by her two redheaded girlies, this amazing mom started her photobooth camper to bring to your events and create life lasting memories.

Jasmin Augustin

Social Media Coach

Struggling with social media? Jasmin Augustin is your go-to gal for any social media needs. With years of experience, she’ll help you grow your network tailored to your needs.

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