Laura Ciampa

Introducing Laura Ciampa

This wellness expert works to inspire others to live a life they love.

Briefly share how you became a freelancer.

I was an elementary school teacher for many years, but always knew I wanted to be my own boss. I love helping others to grow and improve their lives. This is why I combined my passion for education along with health and wellness.

What has been your biggest win as a freelancer?

My biggest win is that I get to be creative. It’s both exciting and scary to create something from nothing. This opportunity has allowed me to explore the many ideas I have. I am creating my brand around what wellness means to me.

What are some of the hurdles you’ve overcome as a freelancer in Houston? Do you think these hurdles are indicative to Houston or to the freelancer profession overall?

My biggest hurdle is not knowing anything about being a business owner. I have amazing ideas, but marketing, sales, and social media have all been a struggle. I’m making a lot of mistakes, but learning something new each day.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out as a freelancer?

Ask for help! It’s ok not to have all the answers, but seek out others who can support and guide you. I have found that most people are happy to help.

Let’s say I’m a client that’s looking to hire a freelancer that does what you do. Why should I hire you?

I am committed to helping my clients improve their overall health and well-being. My coaching programs offer my clients the ability to reach out for support even when we are not having a session. In addition, I hold certifications as a HeartMath Coach and Trainer in which not many individuals have acquired.

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