Johnny Wesley

Introducing Johnny Wesley

This food industry veteran will help provide scrumptious wholesale ice creams and desserts to the Houston area.  

Briefly share how you became a freelancer.

I started working in the food industry about 20 years ago. I’ve known since I was 12 that I wanted to be a pastry chef. For the first 10 years of my career “knew” I wanted to be a chocolatier. I spent the better part of a decade learning and honing my skills to become a Master Chocolatier. Although, I still very much love working with chocolate, I found a new passion. Ice Cream was becoming my new Mistress. It was something I loved very much and it was always within my skill set. Then I was taught how to make using liquid nitrogen. Being a huge science nerd, I was so fascinated by the concept. I experimented day after day. Once I “Mastered” ice cream I started thinking what else can I do with this? For the past 8 years I’ve been coming up with ways to win hearts and blow minds with what we do. 4 years ago HTX Nitro Creamery was officially born!

What has been your biggest win as a freelancer?

Being able to bring our vision to life and sharing it with our beloved city.

What are some of the hurdles you’ve overcome as a freelancer in Houston? Do you think these hurdles are indicative to Houston or to the freelancer profession overall?

It’s not an easy road to take! It’s one thing to be good at something but being able to turn it into a successful business is a whole other beast. For me most of my hurdles were financial. Not saving when I was younger and investing properly in myself. starting a business with no financial backing has been my biggest challenge. I would assume it’s the same no matter what business you’re trying to build.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out as a freelancer?

Do your homework. Know everything you need to be successful. There’s always going to be unexpected obstacles but the more you can prepare for ahead of time the better.

Let’s say I’m a client that’s looking to hire a freelancer that does what you do. Why should I hire you?

We are not your traditional ice cream company. Our product is top-notch but we also create an unforgettable experience that you can’t get anywhere else. I surround myself with talented individuals that think outside the box and bring a unique perspective to what we do. There is nothing “cookie-cutter” about us. Every experience is custom-tailored to each client.

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