Imran Akber

Imran Akber

Imran is able to successfully scale up software businesses from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. He believes in a customer-centric approach and is able to solve your problems with the latest technology.

What is your freelance service?

IT services, Software Development, Project Management.

Briefly share how you became a freelancer. 

When I was doing a job in Karachi, Pakistan then some local business owners approached me and my friend to work with them on their eCommerce project. That project was a huge success in the local industry and we were getting more project requests. That’s how I started to do freelance work.

What has been your biggest win as a freelancer? 

I think as freelancers, me and my friend launched around 50+ eCommerce websites.

What are some of the hurdles you’ve overcome as a freelancer? Do you think these hurdles are indicative of the freelancer profession overall?

I think freelancing websites is a very difficult market for new joiners.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out as a freelancer?

Trust your abilities and never commit something to a client that you will not be able to deliver.

Let’s say I’m a client that’s looking to hire a freelancer that does what you do. Why should I hire you?

I love to understand the problems of the customers and solve them with acceptable and latest technology. I develop, scale, and optimize business solutions that matter. To accomplish this, I focus on delivering key outcomes, building amazing teams, and quickly adapting to new technologies. I can successfully scale up software businesses from start-up to multi Million. I always believe customer-centric approach and try to eliminate their problems rather than replacing it with a new one. I excel at the execution of big ideas with given constraints. Always take decisions on the basis of information rather than instincts. I can lead and grow IT teams from 10 to 100 people. I believe in teamwork rather than individual glory. I speak tech and exec. I prefer to be the called coach instead of manager. 

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