Bryce Saucier

Bryce Saucier

This experienced cinematographer and director brings an artistic eye and a commitment to your vision. 

What is your freelance service?


Briefly share how you became a freelancer. 

As a kid I spent all of my free time filming friends skateboarding and editing together montages for each skater. I always wanted to improve the quality of the videos and when I realized I could make things outside of the skateboarding world I started making music videos and filming events. That led to dropping out of school to pursue cinematography full time.

What has been your biggest win as a freelancer?

Being able to survive at all through freelancing feels like a big win to me. I’m so grateful to be able to work on projects that align with me artistically and make a living through that.

What are some of the hurdles you’ve overcome as a freelancer in Houston? Do you think this hurdles are indicative to Houston or to the freelancer profession overall?

The main reoccurring hurdle is the balance between creatively fulfilling projects and financially fulfilling projects. I mostly enjoy music related content over everything else and in Houston, many of the musicians are struggling just to get by so having a budget for video and photography projects isn’t always realistic. I think that’s a hurdle that applies to all freelance work, but the Houston music aspect is specific to us.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out as a freelancer?

Don’t wait for projects to come to you if it is slow. Make something that you want to make to stay sharp and learn new skills for the next opportunity. And when things do get busy, understand that it is temporary and be prepared for work to slow down again. It’s a part of the process.

Let’s say I’m a client that’s looking to hire a freelancer that does what you do. Why should I hire you?

I have almost as much experience directing as I do with Cinematography so I have an understanding of the balance and importance of the departments outside of my own. I always make decisions with the final product in mind and wouldn’t make any compromises.

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