Alicia Tosky-Richey

Alicia Tosky-Richey

A passionate designer that always goes above and beyond for her clients. 

What is your freelance service?

Digital Media Services

Briefly share how you became a freelancer. 

I changed my career from psychology to graphic design. In order to do that I taught myself design principles and software and started doing freelance work since I didn’t have a design degree to get a corporate or agency job.

What has been your biggest win as a freelancer?

Growing my freelance work from social media graphics to rebranding and now website design.

What are some of the hurdles you’ve overcome as a freelancer? Do you think these hurdles are indicative of the freelancer profession overall?

Trying to find consistent work that I am actually interested in. Most freelance work is focused on logo design and branding which isn’t the work I enjoy doing. I am not sure, I may be wrong but I see a lot of jobs focused in this area.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out as a freelancer?

To do passion projects when they don’t have client work to share. That was how I landed my first client.

Let’s say I’m a client that’s looking to hire a freelancer that does what you do. Why should I hire you?

My passion for design drives me to always produce my best work every time. I go above and beyond to make sure my work is seamless and is effective in delivering the outcomes you want. I analyze all possible solutions and am able to instinctively know what will work and what will not.

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