The World has gone to Work From Home: Where did my Motivation go?

By Ariana Smetana | Published on March 26, 2020

You survived the first week of WFH, but the team’s Motivation is going downhill.

The majority of employees who have left corporate offices and retreated into their homes to work remotely are not fully prepared, mentally or structurally in space, to know what to do or how to handle this new reality.

The #workenvironment is important, so highlight the positives — you can now pick where, how and when you work in your home! 

Most people don’t get to pick where they work in the office: they’re assigned a desk and that’s the end of it. But now, with #WFH, people can choose and personalize their space. 

Of course, there are some challenges: Do you have a separate room for your work or just a corner of the room shared with kids or your spouse? How many temptations are in your way to distract you from the focus on work? Do you have an optimal noise level, temperature, and lighting for your tasks? What to do with your crying and bored kids while working?

With years under my belt of #workingremotely, here are my tips to make the best of it. 

For starters, to feel your best – be dressed well.  Likely you’re doing more video conference calls and webinars, so it is advisable to put your best face forward and get dressed in proper clothes, which may be more relaxed but not sloppy or loungewear. Put yourself in the work mood and be presentable which still can mean – comfortable. It’s incredibly tempting when working from home to wear the most comfortable set of clothes you own, but pajamas are not a good work starter.

Claim your work spot and divide your home into zones. There should be your zone for quiet work, library-style for deep-thinking, then find a set up with good lighting for calls and video conferencing. Set different zones based on work activity and to stretch your legs – you may want to venture to a backyard or terrace. Even throughout a typical day at the home office, everyone ends up working at a desk of some sort most of the time and away from that desk at least some of the time.

Ideally, employers should provide a budget for an optimal #homeoffice setup including desk, chair, and monitor of their choice. In case, you or your firm still considering how to outfit your home office, I have reached out to my commercial furniture vendor who manufactures in the USA the affordable and high-quality office furniture and office staples you may need (with better options than Ikea). They have in stock and are ready to ship, desks, ergonomic chairs and office staples like file cabinets, trays, staplers plus they are offering a 40% discount for the work from home set up. Reach out to me if you need help sourcing these.

As WFH space is set up, the weight of the team’s communication right now should continue to be on work expectations, feedback, reassurance, encouragement with compassion and supporting your team members to establish positive, and efficient WFH habits. 

Have you found your spot to work from home? Do you use multiple locations? What do you wish to have at your home office?


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